Chinese delegation in Europe for trade promotion

EU is China’s largest trading partner and the largest source of China’s technology imports while China is EU’s second largest trading partner.>>

Open trade best rescue package

Recently, both words and deeds from a related developed economy on the "promotion of home-made products" or the "protection of manufactures from sale of foreign goods" have incurred wide-ranging criticisms. >>
Trade protectionism poisonous to settling financial crisis

Trade protectionism against China is growing

Commerce minister: China not to promote export through currency depreciation

China will not hinge upon depreciation of its currency, renminbi, to expand exports, according to Commerce Minister Chen Deming. >>

China against protectionism, pro-WTO

Ministry: China supports WTO's trade policy review

China to further find ways to effectively use forex reserves

FX regulator: China to prevent "big" yuan fluctuations

China confident in its ability for earliest recovery

A report released by the World Economic Forum recently warns of challenging risks to the global economy in 2009. The report, Global Risk 2009, which identifies deteriorating fiscal positions of countries worldwide, predicts that the slowdown in the growth rate of China's economy is one of the biggest risks to global economic recovery.>>

When will EU economy spring come?


China signs $2 bln purchase deals with Britain

A visiting Chinese business delegation sealed deals amounting to 2 billion U.S. dollars with British firms in London on Friday afternoon in a significant move to stave off protectionism in the wake of the global financial crisis.

Trade team spends $13b in Europe

Chinese trade mission highly appreciated in Spain

Spain looks to enhance trade ties with China

Interview: Switzerland eyes free trade deal with China

China inks trade deals with Swiss companies

Chinese firms sign 320-mln-dollar purchase deals in Spain

German, Chinese ministers condemn protectionism

China committed to free trade

Interview: German business leader says China is reliable partner in crisis

China, Germany sign procurement deals worth around 11 bln euros

Chinese business delegation arrives in Berlin on European procurement tour

 EU leaders aspire to global financial reform

Wen Jiabao's 'Trip of Confidence'

China promotes trade & investment in financial crisis

China says no to trade protectionism to fight crisis

As the "Buy America" provision raises alarms against trade protectionism among state leaders and economists, China  said "no" to a similar plan that bans foreign products in domestic stimulus projects.>>

China adjusts imports and exports lists under inspection, quarantine

China revises regulation on technology import procedures

Chinese foreign traders to get easier registration

No surge expected in China's textile exports

Ministry: self-discipline needed in textile export, import welcome

Chinese vice premier pledges "active" use of foreign investment through crisis

Vice Premier Wang Qishan has encouraged foreign investors to have faith in China's development, saying the country would "actively" use overseas investment. >>

Foreign investment to be encouraged in 400-plus sectors in China's mid-west

Ministry: foreign investment favors mid-west China

China stresses higher investment and better investment structures


China boosts domestic market

Ministryservice consumption and rural area to support market boom

There are many favorable factors to foster the sustainable and rapid growth of Chinese consumer market and the rural market has great consumption potential, said Yaojian, spokesman of Ministry of Commerce at a press conference on Feb. 16th, 2009.>>

Chinese farmers to get government subsidies for appliance purchase

China examines quality of subsidized home appliance for farmers

Breakfast to sharpen market appetite

Call to spend more on basics

Experts have urged the government to spend more money out of its $586-billion economic stimulus package on health, housing, social insurance and education sectors to increase domestic demand.>>

Coupons for low-income families effective in boosting demand in China

China's health care reform focuses on public service, Premier says

China draft law of social insurance draws nationwide debate

China strives to sustain growth

China to stabilize global financial markets by maintaining growth

China will help stabilize international financial markets by maintaining its economic growth and expanding domestic demand, Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of China's central bank, said here Saturday.>>

China's gov't warns 2009 to be "the toughest" year since 2000

Meeting plan target'difficult'

"Heavy fists" used to aid economic recovery

China balance of payments surplus slows down in 2008

China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) predicted Wednesday that the country's international balance of payments remained "double surplus" in current account and capital account in 2008, but the growth rate had slowed.>>

Exports, FDI punge amid global slowdown

Expert: China's exports to grow 15 percent in 2009

China's current foreign trade sector shows positive signs

China's major export slowed in 2008