Copenhagen Outlook: chaos or passion?

16:44, December 04, 2009      

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This year's Copenhagen Climate Change Conference will of course be busier than usual. China and the U.S. have announced their own energy saving and emission reduction targets, attracting even more attention to the upcoming Copenhagen conference, according to Economic Information Daily.

Not only will heads of state go to Copenhagen, media, entertainers and foundations from around the world are taking action one after another. Even those who can not make it to the conference will send best wishes to celebrate the conference opening.

However, judging by current reports, the Copenhagen conference seems less like a climate conference, and more like a "green carnival."

Everyone claims that they can live a low-carbon life, start energy saving and reducing emissions. Little do people know that although living a green life is good it may be a trap set by some countries.

Since the meeting in Bangkok, the focus of climate negotiations has evolved into a war over killing or saving the Kyoto Protocol, and it is to become more heated at the Copenhagen meeting. The importance of the Conference meeting and the main agenda of this conference is to develop a climate change treaty with clear emission reduction targets, recognized and observed by the international community to replace the Kyoto Protocol which expires in 2012.

Heads of states, businessmen and activists in developed countries "perform" on the Copenhagen stage one after another, in an attempt to dilute the substance of the Copenhagen Climate Conference and to reduce emission reduction targets.

This is not just alarmist talk. In the past three years, during negotiations of the working group of Kyoto Protocol, the main task of the developed countries in the climate conference is no longer to actively promote the implementation of the protocol, but deliberately delay negotiations.

Making the media actively promote environmental protection and advocate low-carbon lifestyles around the world before the Copenhagen Climate Conference no doubt shows that these countries are transferring the focus on energy saving and emission reduction to something else, and even to make it an excuse of reducing their own responsibilities of cutting emissions. They confuse country's emission reduction with citizens' consciousness of emission reduction, and at the same time sell a few pieces of energy-saving emission reduction products, promoting some environmentally friendly enterprises.
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