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Hope around corner for Japan quake victims

Photo, taken on March 23, shows two children playing in a shelter at South Sanriku-cho, Miyagi, Japan. South Sanriku-cho, which is located in the east of coastal Miyagi prefecture in Japan, was a little town with beautiful natural scenery and a population of about 18,000.

However, the deadly, unexpected earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 left the town with wreckage nearly everywhere, and the disaster resulted in more than 10,000 dead, injured or missing.

But, people here are strong, and they are trying to return to a normal life with help from the outside world. It seems like hope is just around the corner, and if they get through the tough times, they can see better life is calling to them again. (Xinhua Photo/Huang Xiaoyong)

By Wang Hanlu, People's Daily Online

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