North Korea must stop playing nuclear games

08:45, May 14, 2010      

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North Korea announced Wednesday a breakthrough in its nuclear fusion technology, leaving the whole world shocked and confused.

Very few experts from the rest of the world believe that the purpose of the country's nuclear fusion is for electric-ity generation.

Instead, it is believed unanimously that the real purpose is to make a hydrogen bomb.

North Korea is dancing haphazardly along the nuclear tightrope, fraying the nerves of every world power. It is apparently proud, believing that it has played a dominant role.

But North Korea fails to realize that the most dangerous role is the one the country itself is playing.

Like a prancing tightrope walker, North Korea has sought to hold its audience's attention by jumping about in supposedly daring feats. But ultimately, it has only increased its own risk factor.

It must be born in mind by North Korea that it is playing a dangerous game with Northeast Asian powers while rely-ing on its considerably weak national strength.

It has successfully found leverage in bargaining with the rest of the world time and again, but it still lacks the strength to truly take advantage of that leverage.

Nuclear weapons do play a crucial role in deterring external invasion. But invasion by foreign powers is not a serious threat facing North Korea , and possession of the nuclear weapons themselves is actually far more danger-ous.

North Korea should not continue to increase the strategic risks it faces. There are two critical factors neces-sary for the current nuclear game to continue.

First, the powers involved in the North Korea n nuclear crisis would have to be willing to continue playing the game because it would be in their own interests. That is certainly not going to happen.

Second, North Korea could realize economic independence, and further isolate itself from the rest of the world. Or, it could reform its current system and keep getting economic aid from outside. Undoubtedly both are beyond its reach.

As soon as possible, North Korea should jettison the nuclear risks the country faces - risks it will not be able to bear in the long term.

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