Indian media worried India, China will be regarded as obstructionists

16:08, December 14, 2009      

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An article published in The Times of India Dec. 13 was quoted as saying that "Unless Europe and the U.S. have a Plan B, the stage is now set for a watered-down agreement at the end of Copenhagen talks." "If the north doesn't offer anything more, it will have to start a campaign to blame India and China yet again for being obstructionist."

In fact, the western countries have already begun to move to try to attribute the failure of the Copenhagen climate conference to India and China.

On Dec. 12, German newspaper Bild, which has Europe's largest circulation, issued an article titled as "China, the obstructionist of world salvation". The article said China announced the incredible emissions targets and wanted to act as an "Environmental Angel", but it looks like fraud! Since the emissions targets set by China is compared with that in 2005, rather than in 1990, like EU.

UC Berkeley professor Richard published an article on Wall Street Journal saying that even a 'dream' agreement is reached, global emissions will continue to rise because most of the emissions will not come form industrialized countries, but from emerging countries like China.

An article posted on an Indian website said that Denmark and its allies are trying to bring people's attention on carbon emissions, especially that of China and India, the two developing countries.

However, even if the two countries stop the manufacturing sector, which will result in over 600 million people being mired in poverty, the Earth will still be destroyed because gas around the world will continue to make the Arctic and Siberian permafrost to melt.

The article also said one of the key agendas at Copenhagen climate conference is the sale of expensive energy technology by developed countries, the other is protectionism. Several developed countries have rejected products form China, India, Vietnam and other countries under the pretext of environmental protection.

According to experiences, the participants will do everything possible to make exorbitant demands to maximize their own interests during the climate conference in the first week before they state their views at the last minute, professor Pangjun, expert of environmental issues in China, told the Global Times.

Now it seems that there are very acute contradictions between developed and developing countries, the attitude of the U.S. is particularly disappointing. It is too early to predict the outcome, but one thing is certain, it will be very difficult to reach the agreement we expected.

By People's Daily Online
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