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16:58 Mar 29 2009

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Cypriots admire Tibet for great progress
12:07, March 29, 2009  

A photo exhibition entitled "Tibet of China: Past and Present" opened in Cyprus' southern coastal city of Larnaca on Friday evening, providing a window for local Cypriots to see the huge changes in Tibet in the past five decades.

The week-long exhibition is jointly sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus and Larnaca Municipality. It consists of four sections -- History of Tibet, Serfdom in Tibet, Emancipation of Serfs and Tibet Today.

"Today, March 28, is especially a memorable date in the history of China's Tibet," said Chinese Ambassador Zhao Yali.

"Fifty years ago, China's Tibet started democratic reform, which put an end to the centuries-old feudal serfdom under theocratic rule and gave freedom to over one million serfs," he told the guests present at the opening ceremony.

Andreas Moyseos, the mayor of Larnaca, said that the photos on display illuminate convincingly the great progress Tibet has made.

Misguided by the propaganda of the Dalai Clique and some anti-China forces advocating the so-called "Tibetan independence", many foreigners have got a twisted picture of Tibet.

An orthodox priest visiting the exhibition told Chinese diplomats that he has just seen a totally different Tibet.

Larnaca is the second leg of the exhibition in Cyprus. Its more than 200 photos were first on display last month in the capital city of Nicosia.

Source: Xinhua

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