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World media hail Beijing Olympic Games
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15:41, August 26, 2008

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, which ended on Sunday, has been hailed by media across the world as a huge success.

The Beijing Olympics "was perfect and 'glared' the world for 16days ... The Games will be remembered as the most praised ones of history," said Mexico's Daily "Reforma."

Another Mexican daily, Excelsior, quoted TV commentator Gerardo Liceaga, who spoke highly of the organizers' work during the Games, as commenting that "the facilities were unsurpassable, the organization a model of efficiency, with a great transportation with adequate information and high-level computing systems. Nothing escaped from the Organization Committee."

The newspaper praised the marvelous performance of the Chinese athletes, who won 51 gold medals and 100 medals in all and surpassed the United States on gold medals, by saying "the Asian giant finished waking up."

Austrian media considered Beijing's hosting of the Olympic Games a "window" for the whole world to understand more about China and to see the rapid development achieved in recent decades.

"No other Olympics hosting countries receive such high recognition from the world as Beijing does," Austrian media quoted Hans Holdhaus, an official with Austria's Olympic delegation, as saying.

New Vision, an official newspaper of Uganda, said in a commentary that the well-prepared Beijing Olympics showcased to the world China's strength, modernity, as well as the high standard of its athletes.

The commentary also commended the closing ceremony, saying that gorgeous fireworks and fine performances by entertainers from both China and all over the world made the ceremony a fantastic farewell party.

It said London might be "in trouble" now as it seems a hard task for the city to surpass Beijing in the four years to come in its preparation work for the 2012 Games.

An article titled "China opens to the world, world focuses on China," which was published on Bolivian newspaper La Razon, said the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics led the world into a journey of China's splendid culture and history.

The passion and hospitality of the Chinese people also added color to the Games and impressed the whole world, making the sports gala in Beijing an incomparable event, said the article.

One of Yemen's major newspapers, Al-Gumhuryyah, dedicated a whole page to a report titled "Farewell, Beijing!" in which the author said, "China has once promised to the world that it would host a best ever Olympics, now it becomes a reality."

Beijing has hosted a "memorable" and "exceptional" Olympic Games, an article published in Cote d'Ivoire's newspaper L'Inter said Monday.

Praising the enormous work done by the organizers and the numerous new world records set during the Beijing Olympics, the article said the Games seemed just perfect.


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