Survey: The public has low trust in Internet media

15:19, May 05, 2011      

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The "Blue Book of Social Mindset" was released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on May 4, and it pointed out that the public has high trust in public institutions, such as the government, and that the public places more trust in the central government than in local governments. The public has relatively high trust in traditional media and relatively low trust in websites, which are considered as "less reliable" or "basically unreliable" media.

The report divided government agencies into institutions, such as the central government, the National People's Congress (NPC), local governments, police departments, courts and prosecutors, and the survey results show that scores of the reliability degree of the central government and the NPC stood at 75.8 points and 75.5 points, respectively, which fall into the moderate trust level.

The reliability degree scores of local governments stood at 72.3 points, which also belong to the moderate trust level, and reliability degree scores of police departments, courts and prosecutors stood at 60 points to 69 points, which belong to the low trust level. The reliability degree of courts and prosecutors is relatively high, while there is still space for the improvement of the reliability degree of police departments.

The reliability degree of traditional media is relatively high, while that of websites is relatively low. The public places more trust in traditional media, which has certain government credentials. The survey results also show that respondents have moderate trust in China Central Television, the local television stations, the local people's broadcasting stations, the Central People's Broadcasting Station and China's central Party newspaper, also known as People's Daily, which obtained 73.7 points to 76.4 points. The scores of the reliability degree of local Party newspapers stood at 69.8 points, which is close to the moderate trust level.

In addition, because the local newspapers and local evening newspapers have strong commerciality, respondents have relatively low scores, standing at 67.3 points, which belongs to the low trust level.

The public has low or even little trust in websites. According to the survey results, local government sites scored 67.4 points, and central government sites such as People's Daily Online and Xinhuanet scored 64.6 points, both falling into the low trust category. Commercial sites, such as and, received the lowest mark, standing at 52.4 points, indicating that the respondents have little trust in them.

The blue book said that the Chinese people's patriotism, internationalism and citizen awareness improved significantly after the Beijing Olympic Games. They have become more willing to participate in social affairs, and the number of altruistic behaviors performed by Chinese, such as giving donations and volunteer work, has been on the steady rise in recent years. The survey found that the Chinese people consider a bright future for their children, individual interests, a happy family, good connections and a healthy body as their most important needs.

According to the blue book, some problems concerning the public mindset require special attention. Many Chinese people are living under considerable pressure, and society has not given them enough support. The Chinese people feel insecure and they are not fully aware of the risks hidden in the society. People in lower classes did not know how to effectively deal with the global financial crisis, leading to the "underclass identity" phenomenon.

By People's Daily Online
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