Nurse from iconic Wenchuan quake image becomes mother

16:26, May 04, 2011      

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People who watched the news of 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake still remember this scene: Inside the debris was buried a young boy, whose body was stuck under distorted steels and fractured concrete planks, through which could be seen his eyes yearning for life. Outside the debris stood a young sandal-wearing nurse, with a bag of plasma in her left hand, firmly clutched the boy's hand in hers. The picture has brought thousands of netizens to tears and was regarded as one of the "Top 10 moving scenes of the Wenchuan Earthquake." The nurse, known as "the most beautiful angel in white" or "the most beautiful nurse," is Gu Yunxian from ICU of the 3rd Hospital of Mianyang, Sichuan.

When reporters first met Gu Yunxian in the 3rd Hospital, she had just gotten off from work and appeared to be somewhat weary. Looking at her 10-month-old baby she felt happy and content. In the reporter's eyes, Gu was nothing but an ordinary young mother with a medium height and figure, nowhere near those glorious titles such as "the most beautiful nurse."

Looking back to the five days of struggle to rescue the survivors in Beichuan County, Gu had a strong feeling. When mentioning she was awarded the National Labor Medal and received wide praises from the net, Gu kept a low profile, saying she just did what she should do as anyone else. Furthermore, she also indicated that she was remembered only because of that picture. She has to spare no efforts to work hard for the patients so she could live up to all of her honors.
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By People's Daily Online
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