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10:15 Mar 28 2010

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Tibetan official hails 51st anniversary of serf emancipation
10:13, March 28, 2010  

The democratic reform in Tibet aimed at emancipating serfs 51 years ago under the leadership of the Communist Party of China is lofty and righteous, said Padma Choling, chairman of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Regional Government, Saturday.

The Tibetans have achieved remarkable development since 1951. No reactionary force could block the powerful current of Tibet's progress, he said while delivering a speech via TV on the eve of the Serfs Emancipation Day.

China designated March 28 as an annual Serfs Emancipation Day last year to mark the date on which about one million serfs in the region, accounting for 90 percent of the Tibetan population, were freed in 1951.

The move was intended to have people understand and remember the misery of serfdom and cherish the life they enjoy now.

"The Tibetans cherish the hard-won happy and stable life and will steadfastly safeguard social stability, ethic unity and national unification. Any attempts to separate Tibet from China are doomed to fail," Padma Choling said.

The regional gross domestic product reached 44.1 billion yuan (6.5 billion U.S. dollars) in 2009, up 12.4 percent against 2008. The net income per capita of farmers and herdsmen saw a year-on-year growth of 11.2 percent to reach 3,532 yuan.

Fine traditional culture has been inherited and developed. The preservation of cultural relics is going well. Tibetan opera and the Gesar epic have been listed as the world's intangible cultural heritage, he said.

The policy of protecting the freedom of religious belief is fully implemented and the ecological environment of the plateau is under sound protection, he said.

Source: Xinhua

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