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09:28 Mar 31 2009

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"Positive contribution" (Story of a real Tibet)
13:27, March 30, 2009  

Feature: My impression on Tibet

In August 1999, I paid a three-day inspection tour of Tibet. In Tibet, I visited government organs, hospitals, schools and monasteries and conducted direct exchanges with Tibetan cadres, students and monks. The Tibetan people were very friendly and forthcoming. They hate feudal serfdom and treasure the bright life of the new Tibet very much.

As an independent human rights advocate, I wish to say that all countries should regard Tibet's leaps forward in development during the 50 years after Democratic Reform with an unbiased point of view and a rational mentality.

Nina Karpacheva, the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Plenipotentiary of Human Rights.
(Source: People's Daily)

According to my on-site investigation of Tibet, the Tibetan people's living standards have increased remarkably, and their average life expectancy has nearly doubled. The Tibetan people enjoy freedom of religion, providing traditional Tibetan culture with respect and protection. Tibet has also realized compulsory education.

On March 29, the first "Serfs Emancipation Day" was celebrated to commemorate the emancipation of one million serfs in old Tibet. It is a historic day that is worth celebrating. Tibet’s great achievements in human rights mark a positive contribution to the cause of human rights throughout the world.

-- Nina Karpacheva, the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Plenipotentiary of Human Rights, on March 27 in Kiev.

By People's Daily Online

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