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14:14 Jan 08 2009

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China welcomes foreign journalists to cover Tibet
17:03, December 30, 2008  

China welcomes foreign journalists to report on Tibet Autonomous Region, southwestern China, personally and will offer necessary help when needed, said Wang Chen, director of the State Information Office, in the press conference of the State Information Office held today, Dec. 30 in Beijing.

In the coming year, the country will greet its 60th birthday, and some significant events will also be commemorated, we welcome foreign journalists to report on it, said Wang.

Foreigners should follow some regulations of Tibet local government when entering Tibet and so does the foreign journalists, according to Wang.

Wang said the government of Tibet Autonomous Region will make greater efforts to simplify formalities for foreigners to visit Tibet and improve efficiency.

Next March marks the 50th anniversary of the democratic reform of the Tibet Autonomous Region. By then, many celebrations will be held to hail the great event, which turned Tibet into a socially stable and happy region.

Foreign journalists are allowed to witness the moment with all Tibetan people and the Chinese government is also happy to offer help when necessary, according to the press conference.

A journalist group consisted of 19 media from home and abroad was granted to report on March 14 riot of Lhasa personally in Tibet Autonomous Region after the violence occurred. Foreign journalists from the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press (AP), Financial News, KBS World Radio and other foreign media and journalists from China's Hongkong and Taiwan, joined in the group.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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