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17:21, August 19, 2008

Since the Olympic Games began in China, more and more people have been paying attention to this country with a long history. Thousands of foreigners have come to China to watch wonderful competitions. Among them, sports ministers are an eye-catching group.

Early this year, I was given the honor of being chosen from among thousands of volunteers to be one of the protocol officers to accompany sports ministers from all over the world. From August 13 I began my voluntary work, accompanying the sport minister of Jamaica, Olivia Grange, as well as her accompanying guest Ms. Heron.

I was very glad to see that they are very friendly with Chinese people and show great interest in Chinese culture. When we drove through the streets of Beijing, they asked questions about the nearby buildings from time to time. What's more, they asked me to teach them some simple Chinese phrases that they could use when meeting Chinese people.

I received a small gift from the honorable minister. It is a pin formed by the Chinese flag and Jamaican flag, symbolizing the deep friendship between the two countries. Every night when we parted, they gave me a warm hug and practice face-to-face etiquette, which expresses their friendliness and appreciation.

Frankly speaking, their tight schedule has worn me out a little. I always went to bed at about one o'clock in the morning, and sometimes I was too busy to have meals. However, whenever I saw the minister's smiles of satisfaction and heard their words of praise, I knew all my efforts had been worth doing.

By Chen Jialing, a volunteer for the Beijing Olympics

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