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Calls from netizens to cite TYC as terrorist organization
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14:30, April 10, 2008

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Since the Lhasa riots broke out on March 14, Chinese netizens have been publishing articles and sending bulletins strongly condemning the terrorist activities incited by the Dalai clique and its associate, the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC); and appealing to cite TYC as a terrorist organization. The following are excerpts from their bulletins.

Why has TYC caused unrest in the run-up to the summer Olympics? Apparently, its intent is to sabotage the Games. When they were beating people, smashing, looting, committing arson and killing people in Lhasa – what they labeled an "uprising," the Chinese government took legal action to protect civilian lives and property. Then, they cried to the international community that the government had "clamped down" on their "human rights" to rally international support. Their ulterior motive is nothing but to separate the country----People Daily Online

TYC, connected with the Dalai clique, is clearly a terrorist organization in its word and deed. It instigates violence and separation. China should launch a harsh crackdown on it; and call on the international community to consider it as a terrorist organization----China.com

TYC has long been engaged in separatist activities, committing violence at home and abroad. Their criminal activities have upstaged the country's development and people's regular lives. What they have committed are exactly terrorist activities, even though they are clad in the religious clothing----China.com

I am a Tibetan, but what TYC did is something really vile, and I find it repulsive. It is evidently a pipedream to separate Tibet from China, but they are desperately crying for Tibetan independence even at the cost of Tibetan people's lives. What they bring to us Tibetans is far from the benevolence of Buddha, but rather untold sufferings----Sina.com

Tibet thrives on the government's aid; the economy is booming; and people are living in harmony and stability. A handful of people have fueled separation according to their own intentions, and they would even sacrifice their compatriots' basic interests to fulfill their own ambitions. Therefore, we will sharpen our vigilance to defend ourselves from the poison of TYC----sohu.com

Any activity endangering the safety of a certain population, government or international organization, and causing the injury or loss of civilian lives, will be defined as terrorist activities. On this basis, TYC is terrorist organization all-throughout; and the international community should jointly take action to combat it----Tianya.cn

We should gear up efforts to accumulate evidence. Meanwhile, we should enhance our publicity and diplomatic communication to win over international support to cite TYC as a terrorist organization. Firstly, have a crackdown on terrorism free of the intervention of human rights activists; and secondly, cut down the Dalai clique's standing in the international community, and cut short support of their illegal activities. Every coin has two sides, and can be a mixed blessing. The Lhasa riots, however, grant people with high integrity an opportunity to disclose the ugliness of Tibetan independence. Their atrocities find no escape before the justice----Tianya.cn

Attempting to sabotage the Olympic Games is a short-term plan of the Dalai clique and its associate TYC, and some Western antagonist blocs. Their ultimate intention is to separate, threaten and topple China. Facts show that a handful of Tibetan separatists are actually terrorists posing a menace to world peace and stability----Tianya.cn

The sun will break through the dark clouds. A few trouble makers can not dampen the enthusiasm for the upcoming Beijing Olympics. History tells us that no obstacle would hamper the progress of this grand sporting event; and no matter what trouble could arise, the Olympics will carry on, characterized by peace, friendship and unity. Blessings for the Beijing Olympics are humankind's eternal wishes for harmony and peace----Tengxun.net

Seize this moment to declare TYC to be a terrorist organization! Our fellow countrymen at home and overseas should wake up to discern the true ugly nature of some Western people and countries! As a matter of fact, Oriental cultures are more tolerant than Western cultures----Tengxun.net

We strongly denounce the despicable activities conducted by some Tibetan separatists with the evil intention of splitting up the country. As the loftiest symbol, the Olympic flame conveys the concepts of "peace, friendship and progress." Therefore, it is an overt provocation of the Olympic spirit that a few separatists have disturbed the Olympic torch relay in a vile manner. They are driven by ignoble political ambitions, and their awful attempts will doom to fail----Xinhuanet.com

Don't those Western countries know that TYC is the same thing as terrorist forces in their own countries? Their true intent is to overthrow the increasingly growing and prospering China! ----Sina.com

TYC, connected with the Dalai clique, seeks the same goals, uses the same methods and conducts the same activities characterized by the Western countries as terrorism. The harmful consequences they have thus far caused also match the description of terrorism by Western standards. Members of TYC are actually thugs hired by the Tibetan separatists, and they are genuine terrorists----Sohu.com

By People's Daily Online

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