China continues to collect spiritual power in its future journey

09:23, June 25, 2011      

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History often contains resources for mankind to move forward, and a country can only progress in social change by learning lessons rooted in history. A political party can grasp the direction of the spontaneous trend of the times only through absorbing the wisdom of history.

The extraordinary experiences and glorious achievements of the Communist Party of China over the past 90 years contains many lessons from history and can be used to explore the Party's political advantage in overcoming a long period of suffering, stern tests and setbacks to obtain the Party's self-innovation, self-development and self-improvement spirit.

The Party has led the people to achieve national independence and liberation as well as the construction of socialist modernization. More importantly the Party has continuously expanded and enriched spiritual resources over the past 90 years, which is the reason why it can become China's core strength and lead the country in its revolution, construction and reform, bear the historical responsibility of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation and always remain unshakable amid drastic changes in the international and domestic environment over the past 90 years.

The 90-year-old Communist Party of China has governed China for more than 60 years and has been constantly developing and preserving fine traditions since its founding. By adhering to the tradition of seeking truth from facts, the Party has integrated the basic principles of Marxism with China's specific conditions and injected persistent vitality into socialism with Chinese characteristics.

By adhering to the tradition of serving the people wholeheartedly, the Party has firmly implemented the mass line, protected the interests of the people and won public trust and support. By adhering to the tradition of keeping strict Party discipline, the Party has completed one central task after another under new circumstances and maintained its vanguard nature and purity as well as enhanced its cohesion and fighting capacity and played a leading role in building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

By adhering to the tradition of advancing with the times, the Party has constantly adapted to the rapidly changing environment, determined its objectives and tasks according to the will of the people and enhanced its understanding of the regularities and rules in governing the country, building socialism and promoting human development.

Seeking truth from facts, serving the people wholeheartedly and changing with the times are the historical experience and spiritual wealth accumulated by the Party during its 90 years of struggle. It is the key source of the Party's historical achievements and serves as the Party's inexhaustible driving force in meeting challenges and looking toward the future. The Party's status as a ruling party is neither its birth nor permanent right. Compared with the past, today's Party still faces the tests of a new situation and new tasks.

Internationally, the world is at a period of great development, transformation and restructuring during which the competition among various political forces is fiercer and the exchanges, convergence and competition of ideas and cultures are more frequent. This has posed higher requirements for the Party's capacities to coordinate and cope.

Domestically, China is still at an important strategic opportunity period during which the Party is shouldering unprecedented tough, complex and arduous tasks in promoting the reform and opening-up as well as the socialist modernization drive. As some problems within the Party are not in line with the demand of the new situation and new tasks are against the Party's nature and tenets, it is more arduous and urgent than ever for the Party to perform the task of regulating and strictly administering itself.

The Party is the key in effectively handling China's own affairs and it has created a splendid period of history over the past 90 years. Looking toward the future, the Party will shoulder new historical missions of building a moderately prosperous society covering a population of more than 1 billion before the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party and basically achieving modernization before the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China. If the Party can continue to enrich its spiritual wealth and integrate its spiritual power, and always enable its members to maintain their political quality and dynamics, the Party will surely unite and guide the Chinese people in overcoming various types of difficulties and perils and forge a better future for this socialist country with Chinese characteristics.

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