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11:18 Mar 29 2009

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On Serfs Emancipation Day, celebration, recollection, and wishes from across China (3)
11:18, March 29, 2009  


Chinese President Hu Jintao visited an exhibition marking the 50th Anniversary of Democratic Reform in Tibet, at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing.

During his visit, he said that the "good situation" in today's Tibet was "hard-earned and should be highly cherished."

He also noted that the reform 50 years ago was "the most extensive, profound and progressive social transformation in the history of Tibet. Tibet should move from being "basically stable" to "peaceful and stable in the long run," he stressed.

On the Serfs Emancipation Day, 25 villagers from the Ngoklog village in Qamdo joined the Communist Party of China.

"I am happy to join the Party on this special day," said Asum.

Gyezang, 33, is an English teacher from Xigaze. "Establishment of the day could help us remember the darkness in the past and cherish the life more," she said.

Dawa Lhamo, a nine-year-old student from the No. 3 primary school in Lhasa, was happy on Saturday although she was not familiar with the past.

"I will become a soldier when I grow up, to protect Tibet," she said.

People from outside Tibet also expressed their wishes to Tibetans.

Chen Qiuxiong, leader of a working group dispatched from eastern Fujian Province to help with development of Tibet, said they have built a number of infrastructure projects serving farming and animal husbandry in Tibet and helped with the development of culture and education and health care as well as poverty reduction.

"Tibet is now in the period of development and stability, and we will do more for the development of the region," Chen said.

Liu Lumei, a deputy researcher with the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional Academy of Social Sciences, said that the establishment of the Serfs Emancipation Day embodies the common wish of all the Chinese people for the stability and development in Tibet.

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