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09:02 Mar 25 2009

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Senior official: abolishment of serfdom Tibetan people's own choice
08:20, March 25, 2009  

Former Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress Raidi has said the democratic reform to abolish serfdom in Tibet was the people's own historical choice.

Raidi, a 71-year-old Tibetan who was once vice secretary of Tibet Autonomous Region's Party Committee, made the remark during an exclusive interview with Xinhua on Tuesday.

"The Dalai Lama clique's attempt to split the country and restore the serfdom did not, does not and will never succeed," Raidi said, adding that the Tibetan people could never enjoy human rights, freedom and democracy in a society under serfdom system.

He stressed that the Serfs Emancipation Day which falls on March 28 is an event and celebration with extraordinary meanings for Tibetan people. The reform half a century ago was a milestone which distinguishes the new Tibet with the old one and also a milestone in the world's history to abolish slavery.

The Dalai Lama has pretended to be a pure religious figures in the past 50 years of exile but he had attacked the Party and central government and stirred unrest in Tibet by playing with outside forces, Raidi said.

To achieve their goals, the Dalai clique had spread all sorts of lies to beautify the region's former theocracy. On the other hand, they claimed the alleged "middle way" and "meaningful autonomy" to divert people's attention to their real intention to seek independence, he added.

"Recall the past 50 years of development in Tibet, I feel that Tibet could have a bright future and prosperity only under the leadership of Communist Party of China and in the family of socialist motherland," Raidi said.


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