New leaders elected at NPC plenary meeting

12:13, March 15, 2008

Hu Jintao was reelected president of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and chairman of the PRC Central Military Commission (CMC) at the fifth plenary meeting of the First Session of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC) in Beijing Saturday. 

The plenary meeting also reelected Wu Bangguo chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and elected Xi Jinping vice-president of the PRC. 

Elected to the posts of vice-chairmanship of the NPC Standing Committee were Wang Zhaoguo, Lu Yongxiang, Uyunqimg, Han Qide, Hua Jianmin, Chen Zhili, Zhou Tienong, Li Jianguo, Ismail Tiliwaldi,Jiang Shusheng, Chen Changzhi, Yan Junqi and Sang Guowei. 

The postof secretary-general of the NPC Standing Committee went to Li Jianguo (concurrent). 

Also elected were 161 members of the 11th NPC Standing Committee. 

Executive Chairman Wang Zhaoguo of the presidium of the on-going NPC session presided over the meeting. 

The election began with a vote for a list of 35 scrutineers with Wang Yanwen and Gao Wanneng as scrutineers-general. 

According to the rules of election and appointment adopted at the NPC session, the election of chairman, vice-chairpersons and secretary-general of the 11th NPC Standing Committee, president and vice-president of the PRC, and chairman of the CMC followed the single-candidate system, that is, they were elected from the equal number of candidates; the election of NPC Standing Committee members followed the differential voting system, with a seven percent margin to be eliminated. 

A total of 2,967 NPC deputies attended the meeting.

Source: Xinhua

President, Vice President of People's Republic of China

President :Hu Jintao

Vice President: Xi Jinping

Chairman of the 11th NPC Standing Committee 

Wu Bangguo

Vice Chair-Persons , Secretary-General of the 11th NPC Standing Committee 

Wang Zhaoguo

Lu Yongxiang


Han Qide

Hua  Jianmin

Chen Zhili

Zhou Tienong

Li Jianguo

Ismali Tiliwaldi

Jiang Shusheng

Chen Changzhi

Yan Junqi

Sang Guowei

Secretary-General:   Li Jianguo

Chairman of the Central Military Commission of China

Hu Jintao

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