Expats seeking opportunities in China

15:18, May 03, 2011      

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Foreigners working and touring in Luoyang City of central China's Henan Province celebrate Chinese National Day with local residents. (Photo: People's Daily Overseas Edition / file photo)

With the rapid development of Chinese economy and the accelerating internationalization, more and more foreigners come to China, search opportunities in China and grdually become the new elements of China's work force.

An Ming, a senior consultant of Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd as well as a foreigner in China, said, his business trip experiences in China made him fond of China. So, he resigned his job in Japan and came to Beijing in 2004. Now, it is his seventh year in Beijing.

Except the unique Chinese culture attacting foreingers to work in China, more and more foreigner with professional skills come to China and search a stage for themselves. Mike, an American who completed his study in the Untied States, said that he hopes to find a job in China's broadcasting station. China has few specialized electronic music radio stations, and there is enormous room for growth.

Many senior talents from Malaysia and Singapore swarm into China and find not temporary but permanent job opportunities. Some of them move to China with their families not only for their own development but also for their children's future. In the past, foreigners often hunted jobs in foreign-funded enterprises and international agencies in China. Now, Chinses local companies have became new choices for foreigners.

Foreigners seeking employment in China should meet these basic conditions including age, skills, via as well as achieving emplyment permission. In addtion, foreigners enjoy the same treatment as Chinese in China except the difference in management, according to "Rules for the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China."

Considering the special group's adaptability to China, Chinese government has given them some "extra care."

Not long ago, China's State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs invinted some foreign experts including me to provide constructive suggestion on the country's foreign policy as well as to reflect our difficulties and requirements, said An Ming.

An Ming's Chinese collegues often invite him to diner together at weekends or in holidays. They invite him to taste Chinese food and introduce Chinese culture to him. What makes An Ming impressive and pleasant is Chinese traditioal weddings.

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