Tibet of China: Past and Present

An exhibition on the history and development of Tibet has drawn much public attention since it opened on Wednesday at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing.

Some 160 exhibits and 400 pictures provide glimpses of the great changes that have taken place in Tibet over the decades. They left a deep impression on visitors over the May Day holiday. More>>

Aristocrats in Lhasa

A serf, whose fingers were cut off.

Bu-rdo, a herdsman relating how his eyes were gouged out

bKra-shis, a herdsman, whose foot tendons were taken out

Hand instrument of torture

A serf owner's splendid and luxurious utensils for daily use

A begger in the street with a dog

Sticks for squeezing a person's fingers

Wooden food instrument of torture

A sharp knife used as an instrumental of torture to gouge out eyes

Littel beggars sleeping in the street

A poor lama,who was cruelly beaten and crippled by a serf-owner


Tibet's History


Tibet's Present