Snowfall, the worst in five decades in many places, has affected 77.86 million people in 14 provinces in northern, central, eastern and southern China by 2 p.m. on Monday. The extreme weather has forced the evacuation of 827,000 people to safer places, damaged 4.22 million hectares of crops, toppled 107,000 houses and damaged 399,000 homes.
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China works to limit snow-inflicted chaos ahead of Spring Festival

   Chinese authorities have spared no effort in combating snow-inflicted woes and reducing the negative impact to the least extent as volatile weather continued to rage in a dozen Chinese regions on Monday.[Detail]
·China's Politburo meets on extreme weather
The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is urging local authorities to regard disaster relief as the "most pressing task" and to make "all-out efforts" to ensure normal production and life in areas hit by unprecedented bad weather this month.

The call came after a politburo meeting here on Tuesday, chaired by Chinese President Hu Jintao, which studied the effects and damage inflicted by icy rain and snowstorms and made plans for future relief work.

Most parts of southern China is set to suffer from more inclement weather in the next few days with some provinces facing storms, a statement issued by the meeting said. [Detail]

· Authorities put power supply top of agenda
   The authorities are gearing up to restore fuel and power supplies in regions hit by the worst snowstorm in decades, officials said on Jan.28. [Detail]
· China shifts railway capacity to coal transport
   China's Railway Ministry issued an urgent announcement on Monday ordering all local railway bureaus to step up concentrated efforts in coal transport to ensure the operation of the nation's key electric power plants. [Detail]
· Gov't eases tolls for food trucks
   The State Council, China's highest governing body, has issued a wide-reaching decree to speed up and ease food shipments to markets as winter storms lashing much of China hamper efforts to curb rising food prices.

The decree, issued late Friday and published in national press Saturday, calls on road police, railway bureaus and gas pump stations to do all they can to ensure timely delivery of food supplies after crushing snow and ice storms clogged roads, cut electricity and snailed deliveries.[Detail]

 Country road, take me home!
The Spring Festival, the most important Chinese holiday, is around the corner and millions of passengers are struggling to make the once-a-year trip home. They continued to struggle with the transport havoc caused by bad weather as snow and sleet in China threaten to paralyze air, rail and highway traffic.
Heavy snow brings disasters to Chinese people

·Heavy snow kills 24 in China, losses hit $3 bln
  Heavy snow has killed 24 people in China since Jan. 10, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said on Monday.

More than 77.86 million people had been affected by the snow in 14 provinces, including Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan by 2 p.m. Monday, according to the ministry.

Among the deaths, 10 were killed in collapses of homes weighed down by the snow and another 10 died after falling on slippery roads. Two people drowned and two were hit by falling trees laden with heavy now.[Detail]
·Traffic accident kills 25 in southwest China
  At least 25 people were killed after their bus veered off a slippery mountainous road in the southwestern province of Guizhou on Tuesday morning, according to the local production safety watchdog. [Detail]
·Death toll, traffic chaos worsen with more snow, sleet in China
  An unprecedented cold spell hitting half of China has caused at least another dozen deaths, injured thousands and stranded multitudes of travelers in the freezing weather by Sunday.

A bus carrying 41 people overturned on a slippery freeway in east China's Jiangxi Province early Sunday, leaving five dead at the scene and injuring 10 others. The victims included three children, two of whom were dead and one seriously injured.[Detail]
·Migrant workers advised to stay in cities for Spring Festival amid heavy snow
Appalling weather has led authorities in south China's Guangdong Province to advise millions of migrant workers to give up family reunion plans and stay in the cities where they work during the upcoming Spring Festival because they may not be able to complete their journeys home.

"Authorities shall persuade migrant workers to postpone homebound journeys and strive to keep more than 65 percent of them in Guangdong during the festival," said a circular issued by the department of labor and social security in Guangdong, a province with 30 million migrant workers. [Detail]
· Chinese army goes all out to fight against snow chaos
The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has ordered its troops to go all out to combat the lingering heavy snow in the southern part of the country.

The PLA's Department of General Staff and General Political Department issued a joint decree on Monday, ordering troops in the affected areas to join in the anti-snow battle in collaboration with local governments.

So far, 158,000 PLA troops and the Chinese People's Armed Police (PAP) and 303,000 paramilitary members have joined the anti-snow campaign. [Detail]


 Disaster relief work is ongoing.

Chinese government has provided a total of 126 million yuan in financial aid to six provinces and an autonomous region hit hard by icy rain and heavy snow. The aid was mainly used to help people affected by the cold weather or those stranded in train stations or on blocked highways. Nearly one million police have been dispatched to keep traffic since heavy snow hit the country earlier this month.