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Flag and emblem of Communist Party of China

(People's Daily Online)

17:35, October 27, 2012

Right after the establishment of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the party committees at different levels made their own copies of the party flag by imitating the flag style of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks), therefore the specific dimensions and patterns always varied. On April 28, 1942, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee made the decision on the party flag pattern: "The flag of the CPC has the length: width proportion of 3:2 with a hammer and sickle in the upper-left corner, and with no five-pointed star. The Political Bureau authorizes the General Office to custom-made a number of standard flags and distribute them to all major organs." Thus, the first shipment of standardized party flags was made.

The standard party flag is 120 cm in length and 80 cm in width. In the center of the upper-left corner (a quarter of the length and width to the border) picturing a yellow sickle and hammer which is 30 cm in diameter. The flag sleeve (pole hem) is in white and 6.5 cm in width. The dimension of the pole hem is not included in the measure of the flag. The red color symbolizes revolution; the sickle and hammer are tools of workers and peasants, meaning that the Communist Party of China represents the interests of the masses and people; the yellow color signifies brightness.

The dimension of the flag can be enlarged or shrunk in accordance with actual demand. So far, the party flag has five dimensions (no. 1- no. 5), the size are: no. 1: 388 cm in length and 192 cm in width; no. 2: 240 cm in length and 160 cm in width; no. 3: 192 cm in length and 128 cm in width; no. 4: 144 cm in length and 96 cm in width; no. 5: 96 cm in length and 64 cm in width.

On September 21, 1996, the General Office of CPC Central Committee issued the "Regulations on the Production and Use of the CPC Flag and Emblem." According to the "Regulation", the party emblem and flag are the symbols and signs of the Communist Party of China. The flag of the Communist Party of China is red in color and highlighted by a golden party emblem on it. The party emblem is red in ground color picturing with a yellow crisscrossing hammer and sickle. The red color is the symbol of revolution; the yellow hammer and sickle represents the tools of workers and peasants, symbolizing that the Communist Party of China is the pioneers of the working people and representing the fundamental interests of workers and the masses.


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