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World Natural Heritage: Mount Sanqingshan


18:06, July 10, 2013

Mount Sanqingshan(CNTV)

Date of Inscription: 2008

Chinese name: Jiang Xi San Qing Shan

English name: Mount Sanqingshan National Park

Based on the standards C(I)(IV)(VI) for selecting world cultural heritage, Mount Sanqingshan in Jiangxi Province was listed in the World Heritage List in July, 2008.

Mount Sanqingshan is located in the northeast of Shangrao County in Jiangxi Province, which is known as “the top peak and the best place in the world.” The main peak is named Yujing Peak and is 1,817 meters above sea level. Mount Sanqingshan got its name because the Yujing, Yuhua and Yuxu peaks are lined just like the “Three Pure Ones” (Yuqing, Shangqing and Taiqing) sit on the mountains. Mount Sanqingshan experienced a geological movement that lasted 1.4 billion years before the rare granite peak landforms were finally formed. Odd-shaped peaks and spectacular stones, ancient trees and famous flowers, splendid springs and waterfalls, and cloud seas and mist are known as the four wonders of the mountain. Furthermore, Mount Sanqingshan also characterizes itself by its natural mountain view and the Taoist manmade landscapes. Forty-eight odd-shaped peaks, 52 strange stones and more than 500 landscapes have been developed. In August, 1988, Mount Sanqingshan was approved by the State Council to become a key national scenic spot, and it covers a total area of 229 square kilometers with its highest peak, Yujing Peak, standing at 1,817 meters above sea level. The chairman of the National Park Foundation of the United States visited Mount Sanqingshan in August, 1997 and said, “Mount Sanqingshan is an excellent natural landform and it is one of the treasures of human beings.” The mountain is also a religious place for Taoists from all ages and has attracted many famous Taoists since Ge Hong from the Jin Dynasty.

Assessment of the World Heritage Committee

The World Heritage Committee believes that Mount Sanqingshan shows special granite columns and peaks in such a relatively small area. The remarkable granite rock formations combined with diverse forests, changeable landscapes, and striking meteorological effects have created a unique aesthetic landscape effect and exceptional natural beauty.

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