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Walking into an ancient village in Shanxi: Charming Douzhuang

People's Daily Online)  08:22, July 01, 2013  

Douzhuang ancient village in Qinshui county, north China's Shanxi province (

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Located in Qinshui county, north China's Shanxi province, Douzhuang village was first built in 969 BC. This historic village was the place where Dou family and Zhang family once thrived.

The fort wall of the village is three zhang (10 meters) high, five chi (1.67 meters) thick, and has a perimeter of 1008 bu (1,680 meters). The wall was built with battlements, turrets, and outlook mouth. Five-story towers were set on the four corners, and windows were installed in all directions. Cangbing Holes (used for both offensive and defensive purposes) were sited outside the wall; each can hold five warriors. There is a stone slabs street in the village, five chi (1.67 meters) wide and 2008 bu (3,513.3 meters) long. The four gates divide the village into four self-enclosed zones, to guarantee that there would be no affection for others if there is a war.

Douzhuang ancient village is now a key heritage site under state protection. However, it has been damaged severely. The existing buildings leave us clues to find its fame in the past.

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