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Apiculture Museum - What's all the buzz about?

(CRI Online)

11:06, April 08, 2013

Outside of the Apiculture Museum, a throng of bees can be seen bustling about their hive.( Wang)

Honey in our tea, honey in our pale ale, we consume it like it couldn't possibly give us a hangover. But how often do we consider the striped buzzers who make the stuff? Hidden away in the Beijing Botanical Gardens, the Apiculture Museum pays dutiful homage to bees and the sweet syrup they produce.

But be prepared to get there. After trekking out to expansive gardens in the northwest outskirts of the city, you'll have to put in another 30 minutes by foot to arrive there. Complicating matters, the Apiculture Museum's not any maps or signs. Visitors need to figure out that it's just west of the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wofo Temple).

The museum is held within a compound where bees hold center stage. A honey quality testing center and the key lab of pollinating insect biology are there, as are several active beehives around the site.

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