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Luoyang Longtan Valley: No.1 Valley of Narrow Gorges in China

People's Daily Online)  15:25, March 08, 2013  


Situated in north Xin'an county, about 60 kilometers to Luoyang in China's Henan province, the u-shaped valley that stretches 12 kilometers was formed by a stripe of purplish red quartz sandstone under the impact of flowing water.

The valley is shrouded with rosy clouds and covered with splashing torrents. Green plants against the backdrop of red rocks, steep cliffs, water-cut valleys formed in different time periods, and wave-mark cliffs formed by gigantic collapsed blocks offer a wonderful visual feast.

Longtan Valley is the core tourist attraction of Daimei Mountain World Geopark, which has been awarded with various titles including "National Geopark", "Scenic Spot with the Biggest Potential for Development in China", "China's Outstanding Tourist Destination" and "World Geopark", etc. It also enjoys good names like "The No.1 Valley of Narrow Gorges in China", "Natural Museum of Paleooceanography", "Superb Landscape of Gorges" and "Art Gallery of the Yellow River Landscape", etc.

There are six natural mysteries, seven ponds, and eight natural wonders in the scenic spot.

Admission: 70RMB/PP (Peak season), 50RMB/PP (Off season)

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