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Chen's Lineage Hall: A representative complex of Lingnan folk arts

People's Daily Online)  08:03, March 04, 2013  


Located on Zhongshan Qi Road, Guangzhou in south China's Guangdong, the Chen's Lineage Hall is also known as Chen Clan Academy, which is one of the biggest lineage halls in Guangdong, as well as the representative of Lingnan folk architectural decoration and arts.

The Chen's Lineage Hall was finished in 1894, with the money donated by Chen's families in 72 counties of Guangdong province as well as some overseas family members. It was built to honor their ancestors in the first place. However, it was also used to house Chen family members who came from all over the province to attend the imperial examinations. When the imperial examination system was abolished, the Chen's Lineage Hall was converted to the practical school of the Chens. In 1988, the Chen Clan Temple was listed as the Cultural Relic of National Importance under the Protection of the State. In 2002, it was listed among the New Eight Attractions of Guangdong. Now it serves as the Guangdong Folk Art Museum.

The gate of the Chen's Lineage Hall is facing south. With a total area of 15,000 square meters, the form of the construction is square and built along an axis line. The Hall is a compound complex comprising nine halls, six courtyards, and 19 buildings connected by corridors, all separated by walls from the outside world.

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