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Yangzhou, of gardens and gourmets

(China Daily)

13:39, February 28, 2013

Yangzhou offers much for foodies, such as crab roe buns and steamed dumplings, smoked fish and the pork meatballs known as "lion's heads". (Photos by Ye Jun / China Daily)

Yangzhou is acclaimed for its manicured scenery but deserves equal recognition for its cuisine. Ye Jun reports.

Jiangsu province's Yangzhou is best known for its lakes and gardens. But this city of beautifully arranged swathes of water and flora has also sired an idyllic cuisine that makes it a foodie's paradise.

A group of food reporters from Beijing recently explored its culinary delights under the guidance of such local gourmets as Yangzhou Lion Pavilion restaurant's owner Wu Songde.

Yangzhou's food is healthy and light but tasty. It's known for its elaborate preparation and abundance of seafood, Wu explains.

A prime specimen of Yangzhou's fare is the shizitou - a pork meatball known as a "lion's head" because of its appearance - from which Wu's eatery takes its name.

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