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Autumn Goes Window Shopping in Sanlitun

CRI Online)  10:18, November 02, 2012

Autumn leaves harmonize with Sanlitun Soho. ( Wang)

Although many history buffs come to Beijing exclusively to study its celebrated past, it would be a mistake for anyone to miss a quick visit to the Sanlitun area, just outside of the second ring road. Just before the Olympics came to town, Sanlitun became part of Beijing's economic regrowth project. Today it stands as the highlight of the capital's development: a busy consumer district filled with modern chrome and glass buildings filled with international clothing outlets, upscale restaurants, and large choice of bars and nightclubs.

Sanlitun is particularly popular with Beijing's expat community and trendy Chinese. The Village is its heart, but it branches out to include art galleries and a few bars which are a little rougher on the edges. Sanlitun is not known for its greenery, but it still has enough for people to relish the golden colours of autumn.

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Getting there: From Tuanjiehu subway station, walk 10 minutes west. Alternately, from Dongsishitiao subway station, walk 15 minutes east.

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