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Adventurous tours should not be life-threatening experience

(People's Daily Online)

13:28, October 30, 2012

(Photo/People's Daily Overseas Edition)

A total of 220 persons were killed during outdoor activities in 2011 according to Chinese Mountaineering Association's incomplete statistics.

With the rise of new-fashioned tour modes, many tourists turn to seek more adventurous and exciting journeys. Some undeveloped resorts are gaining popularity among tour fans.

However, only safety-ensured adventures can be valuable. Exploration into the unknown should first be realized as a kind of the traveling patterns, with the final significance to bring pleasure and refreshment to people rather than meaningless ventures resulting in risks and hurts. It is good for nothing for tourists to take adventures into the undeveloped resorts with ignorance to the harsh natural conditions; or the expedition will deteriorate to a life-threatening adventure.

National Tourism Administration issued a warning to tourism services in this August saying that tourists should take security as premise. They should understand potential risks and master rescue measures; take responsibility to personal lives, family mission and social influence; not take venture at cost of one's life; make sufficient preparations; and select traveling destinations based on their own health conditions; so that they can enjoy safer and happier tours.

Read the Chinese version: “探险游”不是“冒险游”
Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Si NianWei.

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Self-defeatist at 2012-10-31210.195.27.*
Let the people decide what sort of activities they want to do, this is why Chinese are always mared in cowardice, they think too much about their own safeties and fail to instill pride of exploration to it"s people, while it"s sensible to take all precautions necessary to avoid senseless loss of life, it"s wrong to be held back by fears of what may or may not happen.

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