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Xishiku Church: Church of the Saviour Saved for Us Today

CRI Online)  10:46, October 29, 2012

Architecturally, east meets west outside of the Church of the Saviour. ( Wang)

Tucked into a quiet corner near Beihai Park is one of Beijing's most beautiful churches, arguably the best example of gothic architecture in Beijing. The gothic-styled Church of the Saviour is commonly referred to by locals as Xishiku Church, reflecting its neighborhood and constituents who frequent the services.

Two cultures clasp hands at the entrance to the church, as European architecture and traditional Chinese pavilions stand side by side. Chinese stone lions perch on the guiding fences, and sculpted turtles with stone tablets balanced on their backs mark the way to the church's front doors.

The intricate grey marble facade of the church is magnificent, each window and cross drawing the eye upwards toward the heavens.

The interior is an even more inspiring space, where verticality becomes even more of an emphasis. Red and green pillars lead the eye upwards and onwards towards the equilateral arch at the end of the main hall, while light filters in through century-old stained glass windows.

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