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Wow! Bizarre forest!

People's Daily Online)  08:23, September 20, 2012

Photo shows a bizarre poplar tree in the forests in Ejin Banner in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.(

Edited and translated by Ye Xin, People's Daily Online

The poplar forest Guaishulin Bizarre, sometimes known as "bizarre forests", is actually a vast area with a considerable number of withered poplars. The peculiar poplar tree forest is located in Ejin Banner (Ejina Qi in Chinese) in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The dried poplar, the wizard postures may make visitors feel a bit bleak and scary. However, these poplar trees are not dying. They have been there for centuries. In other words, they are actually living fossil of the nature.

Ejin Banner has one of the three extensive Euphrates Poplar tree forests in the world, with a total forest area of 30,000 hectares. In 1992, the Ejin Banner Euphrates Poplar Forest Nature Reserve was established. Every October, when leaves turn yellow, the whole area becomes a sea of golden leaves, attracting thousands of tourists and photographers who flock to enjoy the amazing autumn scenery.

As one of the three remaining diversifolious poplar forests in the world, the place attracts tourists and photographers from all over the world.

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