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Historic industrial sites boon for tourism

By Yang Jian   (Shanghai Daily)

08:28, September 19, 2012

Shanghai's Minhang District plans to open its old industrial sites to the public as tourism spots that include the city's earliest machinery and aerospace equipment factories, officials said yesterday.

Dozens of factories were set up in the district starting in the 1950s, making it a major industrial zone, but most of the industries have been moved and the plants abandoned and vacant.

"The 'old industry travel' plan is expected to revive the former glory of the area as well as help boost the tourism industry of Minhang," Guo Baoqiang, deputy director of the Minhang Economic Commission, told a press conference yesterday for the Minhang Tourism Festival, beginning on Friday.

A highlight will be an aerospace industry zone that will include the Shanghai Aerospace Museum.

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