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Beautiful scenery in the Hulunbeir Grassland

People's Daily Online)  08:13, August 30, 2012


Edited and Translated by Xue Meng, People's Daily Online

The Hulunbeir Grassland is located in the northeast of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. It covers an area over 100,000 square kilometers and is one of the best preserved grassland in the world. It’s the biggest grassland in China and its name comes from two of the lakes in Inner Mongolia, the Hulun Lake and the Buir Lake. According to the legend, once upon a time, there were a lot of monsters in the grassland killing the livestock. A pretty girl Hulun and her beloved man Beier fought the monsters bravely. In order to drown the devils, the brave couple turned into water and there were the lakes of “Hulun” and “Buir”. Apart from the two big lakes, there are around 3,000 rivers and hundreds of lakes in different sizes, decorating the grassland like stars.

A traditional Chinese poem goes like this, “The sky is blue and the grassland is boundless; when the grass bows in the wind, horses and sheep appear in your eyes.” This poem describes the beauty of the Hulunbeir Grassland perfectly. Travelling to this vast grassland, people can often see many sheep and cattle eating grass and chasing after each other. The signing sound of shepherd and the blooming flowers make everyone travelling here enjoy too much and even forget about the time.

Read the Chinese version: 走进呼伦贝尔大草原

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