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City Guide - Beijing - City Facts
Beijing has four discernible seasons - short windy spring, long hot summer, cool pleasant autumn but long chilly winter. July and August temperatures can exceed 40 C (104 F). January can dip to -20 C (-4 F).

There are frequent sandstorms in spring, and that makes September and October, when all considered, the best time to visit Beijing. Brief introduction to the four seasons in Beijing will help you have a better understanding about the climate and practical tips for traveling in different time of the year.

Four Seasons
Throughout the spring months (April to May) temperatures in Bejiing rise quickly day to day. They also vary greatly (around 12C-14C) between day and night. Spring is a windy, dry season, frequented by heavy sandstorm. Cold winds are also frequent throughout spring months. In early spring, the temperature may drop abruptly. Sandstorm hits Beijing frequently in spring and may delay trips

The following attractions are best visited in the spring:
The natural displays of Beijing Arboretum are at their best in spring months. Xiaotangshan Telai Base is located in Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District. The base attracts tourists with hundreds of vegetables and fruits which can be picked by the visitors personally throughout the year. Nangong Tourist Area in Fengtai District, known as the No.1 Terrestrial Heat Village of China. Beihai Park is the best preserved loyal garden of China with a history of nearly 1,000 years. The Cherry Blossom Festival of Yuyuantan Park should not be missed. The Park also houses 199,500 species of plants. Shijingshan Amusement Park at the south foot of West Mountain Scenic Area, is a good destination for families.

Summer months in Beijing (June to August) are long and hot with plenty of rainfall. With the exception of the hilly areas, the monthly average temperature is above 24C (75.2F). The highest temperature on record is 43.5C (110.3F) which was in June, 1961. Summer is also a rainy season. About 70% of the city's rainfall happens in summer. Heavy rainstorms are common throughout the summer, and may occur on sunny afternoons without warning. Heavy rain may block traffic. Summer resorts are a great way to escape the summer heat.

Mountain Resort of Chengde is the most well-known resort in China. It was built for the royal families to spend the hot summer months in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Miyun Reservoir, also known as the Bridge Pearl of Yanshan Mountain, is the largest reservoir in Northern China. Ling Mountain is the No.1 Peak in Beijing with an elevation of 2,303 meters (7,556 feet). Plants here vary greatly with elevation. A Tibet Festival is held in July and August each year. Black Dragon Pond in Miyun County enjoys an average temperature 3C – 5C (37.4F– 41F) lowers than that in city center. Clear fountains runs along the hilly alley from the pond on the top of the hill. Refreshing Valley is also in Miyun County. There are 5 waterfalls and 13 ponds gathering in 4 kilometers' (2.5 miles) area.

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