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Beijing Shopping - Panjiayuan Flea Market

(People's Daily Online)

17:03, August 22, 2012

City Guide - Beijing - Shopping
Located at the southeast corner of the 3rd Ring Road in Beijing, covering an area of 48,500 square meters (520,000 square feet), Panjiayuan Flea Market is the largest, most complete, cheapest and most popular market selling second hand goods and curios in China. There are so many types of goods in the market that it is like a museum. It is a heaven for buying and appreciating antiques, crafts, collectibles and decorations. You can find calligraphy, Chinese painting, writing brushes, ivory carving, traditional Chinese musical instruments, porcelain, ancient furniture, etc. There are also some peddlers from ethnic minorities like Hui, Mongol, Miao, Korean and Manchu, hawking their national handicrafts. Actually, Panjiayuan Flea Market has become one of the must-go attractions of Beijing for tourists from home or aboard.

Porcelains and Other Craftworks
Porcelain is absolutely the most typical of Chinese craftworks showing eastern cultural features. Porcelain wares are highly prized by foreign visitors for their exquisite design and special styles. There are some ancient porcelain wares from hundreds of years ago, as well as less expensive imitations sold in the market. Other craftworks, such as paper-cuts, gold or silverware, bamboo carvings, bone carvings, woven cloth, dyed cloth, embroidery, lacquer ware and teapots, can be seen in the market, giving a general picture of Chinese folk life in old times.

Jewels and Jades
There are a lot of shops selling jewels and jades, in which you can find precious treasures, such as the Hetian Jade and nephrite, agate, amber, pearl, coral, turquoise, diamonds, ornamental stones, crystal, etc.

Ancient Propaganda Pictures
There are many booths selling ancient books and propaganda pictures. The pictures describe the cultural life after the foundation of the PRC and reflect the simple spirit of that time. Mr. Liu Zhanquan is a famous collector of hundreds of ancient propaganda pictures. The pictures enjoyed by visitors and show the features of the times.
Location of Liu Zhanquan's shop: No.212, 2/F, Modern Collection Area, Panjiayuan Flea Market

Calligraphies and Paintings
The market possesses rich sources of antique paintings and calligraphies, such as oil paintings, watercolor paintings, ink paintings, print-makings, sketches, decorative paintings and ancient calligraphies. A small number of them are precious original manuscripts, but most are imitations.

Carved Furniture
Traditional Chinese furniture requires a high-class wood-working technique, and has been well liked by locals for thousands of years. The furniture is skillfully carved with vivid flowers, spirits or animal designs. There are styles, such as Ming Dynasty Style, Qing Dynasty Style and Tibetan Style. Many kinds of carvings like doors, windows, cupboards and wardrobes are ideal decorations for the house with classical features.

Stamp collectors can find many Chinese stamps here, such as the imitation stamps of twelve zodiacs.

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