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Beijing Shopping - Beijing Local Products

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16:28, August 22, 2012

City Guide - Beijing - Shopping
In Beijing, you can find the local products easily in large or middlescaled supermarkets and wholesalemarkets.Beijing Local Products Street (-1/F, Xin Dong An Market, Wangfujing) is the largestone and nearly all the Beijing local products can be found there. Additionally,there are also many franchised stores in Wangfujing Dajie. They offer you themost genuine local products which make the best presents for your friends andfamily.

Candied Fruit
Chinese name: 果脯(guǒ pǔ)
The candied fruit in Beijing is made of fresh fruit by traditional secret recipes handed down from ancient royal kitchens. In ancient times, to make sure the emperor was able to have the fresh fruit of different seasons at any time, the chef immersed the fresh fruit into honey to make candied fruit, such as pears, apricots, peaches and apples. Gradually, this technique became known by the common people and many workshops making candied fruit appeared. Now, there are over hundreds of candied fruit in Beijing. They taste sweet and sour and are treasured by locals and tourists for their golden luster and nice chewy texture.

Tuckahoe Pie
Chinese name: 茯苓夹饼(fū líng jiā bǐng)
Tuckahoe Pie is another kind of royal dessert in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) well liked by the locals. It is said that it is the favorite dessert of Queen Mother Ci Xi. The paper-thin skin of Tuckahoe Pie is made of starch and the stuffing is a mixture of honey, white sugar, Tuckahoe powder and kernels of all kinds. There are many workshops making Tuckahoe Pie and Daoxiangchun with a history over 60 years is the best of all. Chain shops selling it are scattered around the city.

Beijing Crisp Candy
Chinese name: 北京酥糖(běi jīng sū táng)
Beijing Crisp Candy is known as one of the best three candies of China, together with Shanghai Toffee and Guangzhou Fruit Drops. It is made of high quality sugar and sesame paste and tastes crisp, fragrant and sweet. Red Lobster Crisp Candy, formed in lobster shape, is the best one and it has gained high reputation at home and aboard.

Lienhua Paichiew (Lotus Liquor)
Chinese name: 莲花白酒(lián huā bái jǐu)
Lienhua Paichiew is one of the best wines in Beijing with a history over 400 years. As a tonic wine, the alcoholicity is below 40 percent. In Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the wine was brewed following a royal secret recipe which included the pistil of the white lotus in Kunming Pool of Wanshoushan for the royal court. That was the Lotus Liquor in reality as well as in name. Later, a businessman got this secret recipe and since then, Lotus Liquor has become a popular wine among the common people. Now, it has become the symbol of Beijing and is well liked by the locals as well as the visitors for its sweet and fragrant flavor.

Lv Da Gun
Chinese name: 驴打滚(lǘ dǎ gǔn)
Lv Da Gun, also known as bean flour cake, is one of the oldest snacks in Beijing. When making it, firstly, make little dough with soybean flour and roll the dough up with sweetened bean paste inside. Then trundle it in soybean dust at last. That is the reason why it gets a strange name 'rolling the donkey' in Chinese. The cake is yellow with dense soybean flavor and is featured by fragrant, sweet and glutinous.

Wangzhihe Smelly Beancurd
Chinese name: 王致和臭豆腐(wáng zhì hé chòu dòu fu)
Don't be frightened by its name! The bean curd is made from soybean with a series of fermenting and bloating. It smells really stinking but tastes extremely good with special flavor. It is said that the bean curd had gain highly praise by Queen Mother Ci Xi and was given a name 'Qing Fang' by her.


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