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Shanghai Transportation - Shanghai City Bus

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15:15, July 11, 2012

City Guide - Shanghai - Transportation
Shanghai City Bus
Public buses in Shanghai are a particularly convenient means of transport, with some 1,100 bus lines covering the length and breadth of the city. Shanghai Railway Station, People's Square, Xujiahui, Zhongshan Park Wujiaochang, Shanghai Indoor Stadium and Dongchang Road serve as the main bus transfer stations in downtown Shanghai. Xinzhuang, Longyang Road and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park stations provide many routes to Shanghai's suburbs.

Bus Categories
Shanghai public buses are identified either by numbers or Chinese characters. Buses can generally be classified into the following nine categories:
1. Downtown Regular Lines: 1 (01) - 200
2. Rush Hour Lines: 201 - 299 (although some include regular lines)
3. Night Lines: 301 - 399
4. Cross-River Lines (the new cross-river lines): 401 - 499
5. Bridge Line X, Tunnel Line X (the old cross-river lines): X = specific route number
6. Special Lines: 504 - 599, 801 - 899, 901 - 999
7. Pudong New District Special Lines: 601 - 699
8. Outskirts Regular Lines: 701 - 799
9. Suburban Lines: usually identified by Chinese characters representing an abbreviated form of the first and terminal stations' names.

Ticket Price
Ticket prices vary depending on the category of the bus line:
• Categories 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 charge CNY1 per person for journeys within 13 kilometers (approx. 8 miles), and CNY1.5 thereafter. Air-conditioned buses charge CNY2 per person.
• Categories 4 and 6 charge according to the distance with a minimum of CNY1. Air-conditioned buses charge a minimum of CNY2.
• Category 9 buses charge according to the distance traveled with a minimum charge of CNY1 for both normal and air-conditioned buses.

It is recommended that you keep some loose change with you for bus journeys as some routes do not have a conductor. Coins need to be placed in the slot at the entrance to the bus. A Shanghai Public Transportation Card can also be purchased and used on most routes except some of the Special and Suburban Lines. More information can be obtained by calling 021-16088160.

Shanghai also has several Airport Lines which are discussed further in the Airport Transportation section. There are also ten designated Tourist Lines to help provide easy access around the city.

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