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Packing Tips for Traveling China

(People's Daily Online)

15:33, June 26, 2012

Before packing
• Make a packing list and number them in order of importance.
• Reread you list. Think twice about the "desired or essential" items.
• Try to make the list as short as possible.
• Find related information about your destination and amend your list accordingly.

What to pack
Travel light! Whenever you travel, remember that quality, not quantity is the order of the day. Hereafter are some useful tips for packing. Please read it carefully as it will surely help you.

•Do remember to take you passport, visas, related health certificates, tickets, ID, money, credit card, map, itinerary and other important documents needed during traveling
•Do remember to make a card upon which are your personal details in case of emergency
•Do remember to make copies for your important materials. It is strongly recommended that you additionally store a backup of your information in your email account or other on-line storage.
•Do remember to bring guide and phrase books related your destination.

•Do not pack important items unprotected; put them into a waterproof bag to prevent damage.
•Do not carry too much money all in one place, spread it around your pockets.
•Do not keep your credit card and identification card together.
•Do not take too many reading materials, 1-3 copies is ok

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Sam Teng at 2012-06-26175.136.52.*
The Packing Tips for Traveling in China comes at the right time as my wife and I will be going on a group 8 days tour starting August 27 to Jiuzhaigou Fairyland Series of Ultimate Road Trip, which will take us to places like Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Maoxian, Meishan, Leshan and Mt Emei. It had been more than 5 years since our last visit to China and we are looking forward to this trip. We hope to take a lot of pictures and hope to share them with our friends when we return from the trip.

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