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Photography in China

(People's Daily Online)

15:30, June 26, 2012

Remember to bring a camera with enough film (usually more than you think) or a digital camera with sufficient memory for your China trip. China's vast territory will impress you with beautiful views.
You can purchase film or digital memory cards in China, but we suggest you buy them before your departure since not all films or memory cards will match your camera. Here are tips for your photography in China.

1. Do not buy roll film or memory cards in local tourist areas; bring what you need from home;

2. Bring extra batteries and adaptor units for recharging batteries.

3. Keep weather conditions in mind to gain the best photographic effects.

4. Do not take photos in politically sensitive areas such as military bases, or on airplanes.

For religious reasons and for relic protection, most scenic spots such as museums, grottoes, temples, monasteries, palaces and cultural relics do not allow photos. 'No Photos' signs mark restricted areas.
6. Certain places or backgrounds may assess fees. Be sure to clarify the amount before taking pictures.

7. Before taking pictures of Chinese people to show their way of life or a street scene, you should first ask permission.

8. In special areas such as Tibet, photography is strictly limited. Typical local customs and religious places such as palaces or monasteries can not be photographed. Always ask permission there.

9. Film processing is convenient and fast in China, with good print quality. Photography studios easily found in most Chinese cities.

10. Besides still photography, videography is also a good way to remember your trip


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