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Beijing Clinics

(People's Daily Online)

12:18, May 25, 2012

Beijing Vista Clinic 维世达诊所
B29 Kerry Center, 1 Guanghua Lu

Tel: 8529-6618 ext.212/211
Fax: 8529-6672
[email protected]
Open 24H
Accepts International Credit Cards

This full service western style clinic conveniently located at the Kerry Center prides itself on its cleanliness and the skill and attitudes of its staff. With a pharmacy and lab on location it is a very professional facility. Good for those with better Japanese than Mandarin or English. Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese. Medical services: Ob/gyn, pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, ENT, traditional medicine, physiotherapy, psychiatry and more. Pay on the spot or direct billing with approved insurance provider. (City Weekend says)

BJ International SOS Clinic and Dental Clinic 北京国际(SOS)救援中心诊所
Building C, BITIC Jing Yi Building, 5 Sanlitun Xiwujie

Tel: 6462-9112,6462-0333,6462-9100
Fax: 6462-9111
[email protected]
Open 24H
Accepts International Credit Cards

The sheer speed and expertise of SOS ensure it’s one of the first choices for anyone seeking treatment. Whether at home or hanging off a cliff they will collect you and attend to all of you medical needs, including emergency evacuation if necessary. Open 24hrs. Languages services: English, German, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Cantonese. House calls, ambulance services, evacuation as well as the full range of standard treatments. Dental facilities offer a full range of services. Pay on the spot or direct billing with approved insurance provider. (City Weekend says)

Confidant Medical Services 纽曼德医疗中心
Suite 701, 7/F Beijing Tower, 10 Dong Chang'an Jie

Tel: 6559-6769
[email protected]
Open 10am-6pm
Accepts International Credit Cards

This medical facility caters for those with the money and desire to alter their feature and try for a more youthful and perfect look. With an American physician as the medical director and the option of VIP membership expect plush surroundings and 5 star treatment. Their initial consultations are free for those wanting to know more. English speaking staff. Cosmetic surgery and laser treatments. Pay on the spot or direct billing with approved insurance providers. (City Weekend says)

SK Hospital 爱康医院
11 Shuiduizi Beili (Opposite Chaoyang Gym)

Tel: 8596-1678 (Korean/Japanese)
8596-1677 (Chinese/English)
Fax: 8597-9970
Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

This joint venture between hospitals in China and Korea employs staff, both China and Korean, who are on the cutting edge of their profession to provide you with first rate treatment and a first rate experience. They also have a psychology department to deal with non physical issues. A useful hospital for Japanese or Koreans seeking assistance. Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean. Medical services: Focuses on cosmetic medical procedures and health management including plastic surgery, skincare and ophthalmology. Also offers general physicals. Obstetrics, pediatrics, ENT, TCM and Medical Psychology. Pay on the spot or direct billing with approved insurance provider. (City Weekend says)


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