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China Hotline Numbers

(People's Daily Online)

10:52, May 25, 2012

Make your visit to China a memorable experience by keeping a hand on information about important china hotline numbers. There can be chances that one can find oneself in a crisis situation in China, dialing the correct emergency phones in china is essential. In the country with the world’s biggest population, the amount of emergencies is proportional, and along the way things can get very confusing if one is not aware of the right phones in china .During any emergency or assistancechina hotline numbers come handy .Below is listed some of useful phones in china:

Important phones in China

Police 110
Fire 119
Ambulance 120
Traffic Accident 122
Directory Assistance 114
Weather 121

Taxicab Administration: 010-66012620
Airport Information: 010-66552515
Beijing Railway Station: 010-65128931

Hongqiao International Airport: 021-62688918; 52604620
Pudong International Airport: 021-68341000; 96081388
Shanghai Railway Station: 021-63179090
Passenger Service, Shanghai Harbor: 021-63261261

Baiyun Airport: 020-86666123
International Passenger Service: 020-86661803
Guangzhou Railway Station: 020-86661789
Guangzhou taxicab Company: 020-86662014
Zhoutouzui Passenger Service (HK and Macao Lines), Guangzhou Harbor: 020-84449495


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