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China's prosperity is not United States' strategic failure

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

09:08, March 03, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The "China topic" is an inevitable part of the United States' presidential election drama. The U.S. presidential candidates always stand up to show their tough stances against China, and some of them go so far that their words are even irrational and ridiculous.

Behind the tough stance is such an ideological thought: The United States and China's opinions on freedom and justness are different. China represents a set of influential but worrying standards and the United States must challenge this series of standards by showing a tough stance against China; and in addition, the rise of China goes against the United States' long-term security and economic stability.

The U.S. expert on China issues Nicholas Lardy once said that, China is like a convenient punching bag, some presidential candidates always cannot help punching it; but when he has taken office in the White House and found the importance of the relations with China, he will forget his words during the election period.

However, the real situation is not always that simple. If we review the history of the China-U.S. relations, we will have a reason to be vigilant against U.S. presidential election's impact and even damage on the bilateral relations. The "promise" made by the candidate during the election period is also a burden which impetuses the new host of the White House deliberately to do something to fulfill his "promise."

Here are two typical examples. During the election in 1992, since the presidential candidate Bill Clinton did not clearly understand the importance of the China-U.S. relations of the post-Cold War era, he blamed the U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush for spoiling China and declared firmly that once he took office, he would contain China.

During the presidential period of 2000, the "neo-conservatism" was dominating the United States' foreign policies, and George Walker Bush confirmed China as a competitor instead of a partner and even proposed to "help defend Taiwan." After Bill Clinton and George Walker Bush took office in the White House, the China-U.S. relations experienced severe challenges.

Currently, since the global economy is gloomy and the trade frictions caused by the weak U.S. economic recovery occur frequently, U.S. politicians should avoid being emotional. It is an irresponsible action and damages the strategic mutual trust and public opinion atmosphere of the China-U.S. relations that a presidential candidate uses the "China topic" to challenge his opponents.

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Erland De Lidthe at 2012-03-04173.180.86.*
Millions all over the globe have been murdered tortured, jailed by the US over the years, the US still play double standards, they suport many brutal regimes while condeming others, the US send their presidents to pay homage [Bush held hands with Satan, Obama bowed} to the most evil regime in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia where they still ban all religion but their own primitive form of Islam, there are no elections, people are beheaded for stealing, murder, woamen are stoned to death, witch- craft is a crime, corruption is rampant, one in four children are abused, many raped by their fathers, little, if any media coverage is allowed in the so-called Land of the Free! the USAEven the two-faced US admit that Saudi Arabi funds the Taleban, Al-Queda..of course the US funded, trained them also, just as they supplied Saddam Hussian with weapons, the list is very long, from the vast murder in South America protecting US corpoRat intrtests to the mass killings in Iraq and so on, the US is warmongering, greedy, arrogent, twisted mouth, guilty of huge crimes against humanity on every continent, they are in permenent denial of their vast crimes, they churn-out movies and TV shows that lie, and distort the truth.US media is not free, it is controlled, bought and paid for, as it their false elections where $millions is used to buy and Brainwash trash TV spots,...Obama takes $millions for his corpoRat handlers.Americans are fed lies and fairy tales from birth, they are told how great they are, land of the free nonsence, anyone can make it in America tripe, how their Special Brains will make America Great Again? really the rest of Humanity billions and billions do not have that special thing eh? only Americans? it was stolen and European minds that made America strong at one time, Nazi Scientists Braun and comapany put them on the moon, European blood line people like Ford ect ect.The US bully, bribe, kill, torture to get what they want, their short days on top 1989? are almost over Numbers are Everything, never forget it, it was not so long ago not now... I billion 300 million in China 300 milion in China........ with millions of illegals thay cant do a thing about, millions in prison, million on drugs, mass gangs in every city, the drug war spilt in the to the US a long time ago million of homeless, mass rust belts, mass murder, mass guns come on Yanks, your bullshit days are over, ok cowboys!
wende at 2012-03-0471.255.93.*
A reader Ashim claims that China should just forget the territorial and natural resources with its neighbors. How easy for a non-Chinese to talk like that! China wants peace for it to grow but it should not mean China should just like its unsatiable neighbors to gobble up its territories and natural resources. If the neighbors want to grow with the economy of China, it is them that should give up its ambition to get China"s legitimate territorial claims. These territories are China"s if the neighbors will just be objective and not be greedy. China does not want to colonize other nations. It just want to develop within its own sphere. If China were ambitious, it would have colonized Vietnam and Philippines centuries ago and not argue with them now for these tiny islets. Besides, did Vietnam and Philippines claim these islets long ago. No! It was only after UNCLOS when they see that as a chance. An advice to US, do not muddle in this dispute with claim that US is only interested in freedom of passage. That maritime freedom was not claimed by China. China has always maintained that maritime passage will not be halted.
Nic at 2012-03-03110.159.31.*
In the early days of Communism, Madam Han Sui Ing told us that USA tried to contain China by refusing even to sell tyres to China! She had published many books and I hope China will keep them in the Library for future generations to read.China surely has come a long way all by herself and we should all be proud of her achievement today.I hope China will be a beacon for many other countries to follow and not relying on the meagre donation of others and get arm-twisted in the process.
Ashim at 2012-03-03122.162.45.*
Why is China obsessed with USA? Which country between Chuna & USA would be greater looser if US China relation snap? What China stands to gain if it promotes Asias economic consolidation forgeting it's territorial and natural resource related claims on it's neighbours, strengthens ASEAN through it's integration with rest of Asia, ensures energy security by share of SOLAR POWER technology, progressively closes it's market to West and accomodates Asian countries more, buys technology from Asian countries including Japan, takes up creation of Asian Economic Union in the pattern of EU and enbles itself and other Asian countries to shed their traditional admiration for West. But for all of these to happen China must embrace political and ideological pluralism.
helen at 2012-03-03203.82.92.*
China's prosperity is the work of the Chinese people under the CPC, period. Under the Qing Dynasty era, the Chinese people were shamed and suffered more than 'Hundred Years of Humiliations by foreign powers'. There were no opportunities nor access for the Chinese people to develop. To make matters worse, the Chinese people were compelled to wear the queues ('pigtails') and this perception of the Chinese people has never changed in the West even after 62 years of the Liberation of China.Some Western countries jealously and enviously attributed the failure of the US militarised economic system to the success of the Chinese people. This is unadulterated bunkum. China and the Chinese people will continue to prosper and triumph over US Global Tyranny. Remember, the Chinese people are no longer living under the Qing era ....

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