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US has no right to make decision for Arabian people

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

15:29, February 28, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The situation in Syria has sharply deteriorated in the last few days. The conflicts between the Syrian government and opposition continue unabated, and the Friends of Syria meeting has recognized the opposition Syrian National Council as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people. External forces are busy supplying weapons and equipment to the opposition, increasing the possibility of an all-out civil war.

The United States, which has fully intervened in the Syrian crisis, has not seriously considered how to help the Syrian people put an early end to this disaster at minimal cost. In the name of helping Syrians achieve “freedom” and “democracy,” Washington is bitterly criticizing Beijing and Moscow for vetoing Western-drafted U.N. Security Council resolution.

At present, the Syrian people’s biggest desire is to immediately end all violent acts against innocent civilians, and quickly restore the country's stability and maintain normal social order. This is exactly the starting point for China’s policy on the Syrian crisis. China has taken a responsible attitude toward the interests of the Syrian people, and all its efforts to promote peace talks among various opposing parties are aimed at helping Syrians realize their desire for peace and stability.

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kenng at 2012-03-11114.76.49.*
The unrest was by armed mercenaries recruited, trained, armed and financed by UK and American agents (NGOs). The majority are not even Syrians. This is the typical CIA plan to destabilise a country that does not kowtow to America. The root cause for most of the terrorism in the world is these covert American and British operations. The Syrian government has to restore law and order and free citizens being held hostage by these terrorists. Most of the killing of civilians are done by these terrorists so that the western media can use the deaths to blame the Syrian government. Western media are largely part of the American war and political efforts and just a tool to distribute propaganda.
Seriously?! at 2012-03-0871.38.26.*
This is what sets us apart, we"re willing to step in to save people who we do not know, while you sit behind your screen talking like you"re important. Your products are crap, if not for us you"d be shit. You steal our property and force our businesses to forfeit their rights, a long with numerous foreign businesses. I"ve been doing research throughout your media, and you are all seriously misinformed. Stop Kony 2012, if you fail to learn who he is, and why we"re focusing on saving people we don"t know, I"m afraid you have no right commenting on such international issues.
PD User at 2012-03-0660.53.55.*
Good comments.
Win at 2012-03-05110.33.141.*
Can"t we just get the Arabs and Americans to blow each other up?They"re both pathetic.
Fidel at 2012-03-05173.180.86.*
America has lost [every war] since 1945... every one, they have killed million all over the globe protecting their coropoRAt bosses.7th fleet!!! ok in fighting third world nations or gutless A-Rabbs... the Carrier Sinkers, can take out most of the Yank ships, then the mini-subs, ect, the simple hit on the Cole shows how a dedicated team can strike any Yank ship, the US friend anti-democrat Saudi Arabia fund the Taleban and Al-Qudea fact of life... the hit team on 9/11 was Saudi Arabian fact of life Obama bows to the fat Said King! Bush held his greasy hand! all on TV well done Yankees... your honour is showing!!!.. Taleban, Al-Quadea strategy and its worked decades of drawing the warmongering short-minded, cowboy Gung-Ho Yanks..... bleed them for decades, cost them $Trillions [they borrow for China], they cant last the long decades and will crawl-out like in {NAM} Ok Yankees!!!!

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