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How should China cope with America's return to Asia?

By Li Wen (China Youth Daily)

14:06, February 28, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Shift in U.S. international strategy

Since the end of World War II, the United States has adopted six main measures to maintain its global hegemony. These measures include using its mighty armed forces to carry out military strikes, using its enormous economic clout and global influence to implement economic sanctions, fostering pro-American regimes to counter rising powers, using the existing international order and rules to hinder the development of rising powers, promoting American values of freedom and democracy to induce other countries to copy its political system, and using political and economic concessions to get obedient allies.

The United States became much more powerful after the end of World War II, and fought against its enemies through both cold and hot wars, not to mention that it became the world's only superpower after the end of the Cold War. However, the power of the United States has been partially transferred to emerging powers and non-state actors. Although U.S. military power remains vastly superior to that of any other state, it is now unable to solve all security challenges on its own. In addition, the superpower is losing its economic dominance. These factors are causing a shift in the U.S. international strategy from seeking hegemony to maintaining leadership, from relying on the hard power of military force to relying on soft power, and from advancing alone to seeking more allied support.

United States' options for its policy of returning to Asia-Pacific Region

The Obama administration has been emphasizing diplomacy in Asia since it took office, saying that the United States, facing the rise of China, will not show weakness and stand by to watch China expanding its power in Asia. However, the China-U.S. relations is very complicated in the new era and the United States is neither able to conquer China by force of arms nor able to contain and blockade China by economic measures.

Current China-U.S. relations are different from the U.S.-U.S.S.R. relations of the Cold War period. Nowadays, the GDP of China ranks second in the world and China is the United States' largest debtor and third largest export market. In the Asia-Pacific Region, China's economic influence has surpassed that of the United States, mutual dependences between China and many countries of the region are deepening, and these countries are expecting to benefit from China's economic growth. The situation that these countries rely on the United States militarily and rely on China economically will last for a long period.

In addition, China's rapid development and its contributions to the international communities have been recognized by more countries. Therefore, balancing, standardizing and guiding will be the United States' main measures towards China in a period.

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McKechnie at 2012-03-1165.95.206.*
The Yanks are coming! The Yanks are coming! Hurray!!!
Ron at 2012-03-09113.239.224.*
Chinese Singaporean-mlet me know when World War III is scheduled to begin. It will be very short and I would not want to sleep through the end of mankind.
Bob at 2012-03-08123.150.182.*
I like my country
west all the way at 2012-03-0858.163.175.*
America should have dealt with the Russians and Chinese back in the 60s . The worlds 2 biggest dictatorships have no moral authority and deserve 2 be isolated. They will get wats coming 2 them. Im referring 2 the government not the main far as im concerned putin and jintao are not welcome in this country. May the Whole West stand against them
Chinese Singaporean who at 2012-03-08218.186.15.*
China should quickly advance its economy and military.Once China becomes more powerful than the USA,countries which are sitting on the fence will switch their alliance to China and the USA will have much fewer allies.China should not show any weakness in the south china sea but should destroy all vietnam and Philippine militaries that are still occupying China"s islands.Nobody will respect China and the Chinese if CHina remains soft .People will repect CHina only when it is strong especially military wise.CHina also must never ever again vow not to use firstforce in a military conflict because doing so only shows to others that you are weak and people will look down on you.If your enemies are worried about you attacking first they will be afraid of you and will not dare to take an inch of your territory.

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