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Another set of math textbooks are about to be introduced to the UK after a former English version of[Full report]
Wang Yun, a student from a school for the blind, received a high score of 623 in this year’s gaokao,[Full report]
As part of the bilateral relationship between the People’s Republic of China and Sierra Leone, thirt[Full report]
China will build a new university dedicated to nuclear power research, amid a severe shortage of qua[Full report]
The University of New Hampshire has initiated a new admissions program to attract applicants from Ch[Full report]
China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) is one of the state-owned companies that successfully implementin[Full report]
“We’re looking for South Africa's smartest high school,” reads the premise for what is the country’s[Full report]
June 7 and 8 were big days for many Chinese families. Chen Jingjing’s parents were no exception, eve[Full report]
As enough grief concentrated in this June, many Chinese students in the United States found they are[Full report]
Over the last two days, 9.75 million students descended upon campuses across the country for what is[Full report]

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