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School administration needs improving


17:24, May 31, 2013

(Cartoon by Wu Zhiru)

Media reported Yang Shifu had similar behavior many years ago, but no one reported.

Teachers are expected to educate children well and set example for them, but it's not rare to see children injured or abused by teachers. This exposes the loopholes in school management system.

If the school has strict standards in employing teachers or if they have proper evaluation system, this guy would have been exposed and punished earlier.

However, schools focus too much on teachers' abilities in improving students' scores and omit the teachers' morality. Yang is reported to have double personalities as he seems a responsible teacher to other colleagues but actually students hate him privately.

If school has evaluation system from students, this kind of disguised teacher will be kicked out.

Good news is the education authorities have realized this problem and are improving morality evaluation system.

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