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Schools warn of gaokao trouble

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

09:45, December 06, 2012

Dozens of parents of non-local high school students alleged Wednesday that schools had threatened to take action against their children if they did not withdraw their applications for the 2013 national college examinations (gaokao).

The deadline to apply for next year's test in Beijing was Wednesday. One parent, surnamed Liu, said her daughter's school, the No.18 Middle School of Beijing, Fengtai district, had warned her to cancel her daughter's online application, made on Monday.

"A school employee said if we don't cancel, my daughter can't attend classes," she said.

Liu's daughter's hukou (household registration) is held in Heilongjiang Province. According to current regulations, all non-locally registered students should sit the test where their hukou is registered.

"If the Beijing Education Bureau had told us there is no hope for our children to sit the local gaokao earlier [this year], then we would have returned to Heilongjiang ages ago," Liu said, adding that the application deadline in Heilongjiang was on November 23.

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