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Fudan partners with UCLA for middle class family study

By Zhou Ping  (Global Times)

14:09, October 10, 2012

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has chosen Fudan University to assist in its study of the lives of middle class families around the world, the Oriental Morning Post reported Tuesday.

The two universities have set up a joint research center at Fudan University, which will compare how families live in Los Angeles, Paris and Shanghai, said Zhang Letian, the center's director. "China is playing a larger international role and UCLA thinks it's necessary to include Shanghai in the study," Zhang told the Global Times Tuesday.

A complete study of such topics can lead to a better understanding of society as a whole. "This is a significant comparative study because the way families live reflects social changes, such as the transformation of personal values and family composition," Zhang said.

Although Zhang did not reveal how the study would be conducted, he said UCLA's Professor Elinor Ochs would introduce the research theories and techniques used by UCLA's Center on the Everyday Lives of Families.

The research center at Fudan University will also set up exchange programs for professors and students between the two universities.


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