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China Exclusive: Teachers discover strings attached to students' gifts


16:17, September 11, 2012

BEIJING, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- Li Li was annoyed on Chinese Teachers' Day, which falls on Sept. 10 each year.

As a head teacher in a top primary school in Shanghai, Li even felt "anxiety" amid the gifts from parents. "I am exhausted from trying my best to politely refuse the gifts," she said.

"Some parents demand me to put their child in the middle seat of the classroom facing the teacher's platform and they send me gifts," she said.

Students sitting the middle seat can usually get more chances to answer teachers' questions, as parents have expected and they think that is good to their children.

China has always shown great respect to teachers, but there is a trend of sending more expensive gifts to teachers, which is worrying both parents and teachers.

"My husband and I are mentally and physically tortured by having to choose gifts as it is so common among parents," said Bao Xiaoming, mother of a daughter in the second grade in a primary school in Shanghai.

Flowers and greeting cards are impractical, while cash and shopping cards are so direct, she said. They finally chose a high-end West Lake longjing green tea for her daughter's main teachers.

"We just want to keep a good relationship with the teachers, and expect more attention and encouragement towards our daughter," she said.

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